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    Jul 5, 2009

    Hi, I am taking a special ed class that is required and I am planning on teaching middle school math. This class is an online class and the instructor is not good on communicating exactly what she wants at times. I have only taken my math classes and not any education classes yet so I have not been taught to write a lesson plan.
    Our final project this week is :
    The final project is a lesson plan covering 3 different disabilities not 3 different lesson plans. You can also do this in a group or individually. Think about this: when you are going to teach a lesson you will have students with a variety of strengths and weaknesses so... list accommodations and modifications that will help those students. A lesson plan that considers the student with autism could have a visual schedule (that is an accommodation that would be helpful) and could have interactive or manipulative activities for all students (an accommodation for the students with ADHD) but also helpful for all students. You should have at least 3 journal articles as references.
    The teacher also said :
    As far as the lesson plan is concerned you can dig around the Internet and find a lesson plan (some are already completed) and then add to it things you could do for special populations (think about the 10 accom/mod that have already been turned in as student profiles).

    But I really do not know what she is wanting since I have never written or actually SEEN a lesson plan before.
    Could someone please help me out. I have searched for lesson plans and hoping to find an example of something she is wanting but I can't seem to find it...

    Thanks so much for reading this.
    Have a great day,
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    I found this link to a math lesson plan, which contains everything I was ever taught to include in college. Learning objectives, materials needed, content standards (link it to your state's content for that grade level), the way you'll teach, the way you'll assess...

    Hope this is helpful :)

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