Switching to Grade 3 from Grade 6

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Patrick Gaudio, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Jul 31, 2019
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    Jul 31, 2019

    I've spent almost my entire career teaching grade 6 and am switching to grade 3 next year.

    I have to admit that I am a bit nervous about it, especially about what language arts routines look like at that level.

    I would very much appreciate any insights or overviews that anyone would be willing to provide!

    Thank you!
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    Jul 31, 2019

    Welcome to A to Z, Patrick Gaudio.

    Just so you know, A to Z Forums policy discourages multiple threads at the same time on the same topic by the same member; the site owner's rationale is that the discussion works better when it's in one place, rather than scattered across two or more threads. Fear not that your one thread will be lost: A to Z veterans tend to keep up by refreshing the list of threads in which new content has been posted, and they use one of the Recent Posts links at or near the top of the webpage to do so.

    Your state department of education almost certainly posts content standards and scope-and-sequence documents that can help you. Using your browser to search "__ lesson plans grade 3 literacy", where the blank is filled by the name of your state, can also be helpful.
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    Aug 1, 2019

    I love 3rd grade! The kids are still sweet ( for the most part) and their parents have usually been told by teachers before you if there is a problem. IMO, they are way easier to teach than 6th graders. They still get excited about things.
    Does your school have a Language Arts program? I am not sure if you are concerned with the reading, writing, or grammar aspects of teaching that age group. I do a lot of modeled writing with 3rd graders. I pull their spelling words from their independent writing. You can find word lists that tell you what words they should be able to spell in 3rd grade online. If you have any specific questions, I might be able to help. I have taught that age group for a long time. :)
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    Aug 1, 2019

    Model, model, model especially writing.
    The Daily 5 book changed teaching for me. Even if your school has a different structure, it will help you understand that little minds need to be taught the right way and the wrong way for EVERYTHING!
    You will likely have a few students who can barely read, not tie shoes, spell their last/middle name, etc. It's pretty sad sometimes.
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