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Discussion in 'General Education' started by NewTeacher12345, Feb 14, 2021.

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    Hi everyone, just looking for some advice. I am a second year teacher, so I have never had to resign or change positions. I am currently teaching first grade in my home town but am looking to move to a city about 2 hours away. I am wondering...do I tell my principal once I have already secured a job? Or is that uncomfortable? I also don't want to tell her I am moving without having a secure job because then I would not move at all. Any advice on this uncomfortable topic!?
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    This is one of the tough things about being a teacher -- changing jobs, because the deck is stacked against us. It is highly unlikely that a new district will hire you without first contacting your current principal. You can always ask that they not contact them unless you are a finalist, but it does put you at a slight disadvantage. Every district I've ever applied to required that one of your references by from your current principal, and in all of those districts, they would not budge on that. They wouldn't accept a preprinted letter of recommendation, they had to send it directly to the your current principal and it is returned directly to the requesting district. This can make it very awkward for you, especially if the principal finds out before you tell her.

    I've always found it is much better to just go to your current principal, tell her that you are very happy here, but that you are looking into moving to a new location, and you'd like her support. Reassure her that you will give plenty of notice if it happens, and you will help with the transition by providing any files you have that may help your replacement. Also assure her that unless you find a fabulous job in your dream location, that wild horses couldn't drag you away from your current school (even if that is a bit of an exaggeration.)

    Even if another district promises you that they won't contact your current principal unless you are a finalist, you still may not be selected and she'll find out, or what often happens is that principals all seem to know each other, and they will "informally" call each other to ask for "off the record" comments. Word can get out, and your current principal will be caught off guard. It is better to be straightforward about it, in my opinion.

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