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    I moved to another state last summer & was hired on the spot at my interview. I teach at an IB school, and the curriculum is really rigorous. I love the program, but I teach a classroom with many ESE students, as well as regular ed students, & it's difficult to get all of the projects completed with such a diverse classroom. The IB doesn't allow us to pull the ESE students out to ensure the least restrictive environment for them, so I try to differentiate as much as I can within my classroom.
    Our P & AP are both leaving at the end of this school year. We are losing a unit in my grade level, so I have to switch grade levels. I requested 4th grade, but haven't heard yet. I'm worried I will end up with 1st(we will have an opening there), and I really don't want to move down that far.
    Our open transfer period starts this week. There are quite a few openings within the same driving distance from my home. I'm going to talk to my P one more time to see if she's decided if she's moving me to fourth. If I can't get an answer from her, I think I'm going to look at other schools within my district during transfer period.
    Being that I've only been at this school for one year, do you think this is an unwise move?

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