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Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by MissaG, Sep 17, 2006.

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    Sep 17, 2006

    There is a grant program offered to our school and every teacher is required to write an application for the grant. Most teachers are leaning toward science, but I don't teach science and one of our major school improvement goals this year is writing. So, I was planning to write one for writing and hope to have a publishing center set up in our school for all students to be able to use at least once each semester. Are there any GREAT things out there that would help make this a success? I am looking for more than cutsie paper supplies, but don't know quite where I am headed with this idea. Any must have supplies would be great to hear about!
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    Sep 17, 2006

    I'm interested as well - I'm trying to get a printer donated for my classroom and have a publishing center in my room - VERY exciting... one must is this software called Easy Book Deluxe - it allows you to print the books and they look very professional... then the kids can illustrate them before you bind them. If I can get a printer, the computer/printer/ink/paper will BE my publishing center... the kids are very excited about this and I'm hoping to get one donated.
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    Dear MissaG,

    My thoughts are for encouraging writing in response to genres and to situations. First, the students need access to examples of writing or "story starters" for genres such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Historical Fiction, Social Contemporary, Biography, Personified Animal Stories, and Social/Global Awareness.

    The situations could be:
    *writing a business letter commenting on a product,
    *a business letter asking for financial reports for investment games on the stock market,
    *writing to other students in other countries who are in the same grade to promote cultural celebrations,
    *writing to TV Networks regarding programming,
    *writing to the TV Weather Meteorologist asking for storm tracking charts, rainfall data, temperatures for a month each season,
    *letters to the local Utility Company - Gas and Electric, to ask about types of fuel, conservation, proper disposal of waste, etc.,
    *letters to local professors at Universities and Colleges asking for recommendations about science lab equipment purchases and their sources,
    *letters to engineering students who may be developing software that the students could use,
    *letters to shopping malls regarding the policy for returns and for store surveillance for security,
    *designing an ad for a fictitious business advertising in the Yellow Pages,
    *designing logos for a new business and a plan of action to begin the business with help from business students in local colleges who are learning entrepreneurship,
    *sending information to local restaurants suggesting improvements in menus or seating or sound tracks playing at the restaurant, *contacting local sports teams on the semi-professional level asking for a visit to give a short demonstration or tips on training safely, *letters of inquiry to local museums for upcoming events and inquiries about a show of children's art design for a theme or cause they are considering for the new year.

    This needs some serious research (which grants need to understand the community awareness concepts for the students as individuals in an economic and cultural community.)

    Once you have a direction,
    a focus audience for the students' work,
    a purpose for their writng, you will be able to focus on the
    materials for authentic experineces in communication writing skills.

    Future business and cultural institutions will need students who have an understanding of the importance of advertising and consumer input so that the consumer can make educated choices.
    Good luck.
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    Sep 18, 2006

    How about Alpha smarts? They're like portable word processors. I was thinking students could check them out or use them in the publishing center. When they finish typing stories, letters, or whatever they just hook them up to a PC or laptop and print them out. I found this to be a practical way to increase the quality of publishing in my own classroom. With only two student computers in the room and the school labs often in use, this made it easier for my kids to type/print their final drafts. Unfortunately most of my students do not have access to computers outside of school.

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