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    I wanted to put a feeler out there to see how your schools handle supplemental contracts. At my school we have recently formed a committee to overhaul the Junior/Senior Class sponsorships and possibly supplementals all together.

    The reason is that the concession stand is the senior class fundraiser. So in addition to all of the normal duties of a class sponsor I am also in charge of every concession stand, MS/HS. The junior and senior sponsors are the only supplementals that are tied to the base salary and Junior gets 1% and Senior gets 2%. A 30 year teacher who has been senior sponsor 6 times gets the same amount as the 1st year teacher.

    In my research around Kansas it seems as though most schools tie the supplemental contracts to levels of effort and experience. Is this common other places?

    One solution in that we remove the senior class trip from school sponsorship and turn the concession stand over to the parents who could then fund their own childs trip. The problem with this is that League policy stipulates that there must be a concession stand, so what happens when none of the parents or their kids show up?

    Another solution is that we give the concession stand to the Student Council. The student council then shops out the duties to other clubs that are interested in earning money. The student council sponsors responsibility would then be to inventory after stands and subtract expenses from the revenues, then restock the inventory. This means that the concession stand manager does not have to go to any games, they just have to find the time to inventory and shop and the people who do work at the concession stand will only have to do a few games until they earned their desired amount of money. The problem being that if not all of the slots are taken then it becomes the student councils responsibility to run those stands.

    Does anyone have any opinion on this? What is the system at your school?

    For a little perspective: While I am working the concession stand on my feet getting complained to by whiny customers for pennies the other paid employees (scoreboard, statistician, front door) are sitting down and making $10/hr.

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