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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by dibba, May 30, 2011.

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    May 30, 2011

    We're doing a Summer Camp in a few weeks, looking forward to it, but it's our first one so will be something new for us as well.

    We have a preschool for ages 2-5, but the Summer Camp is for ages 2-8 to cover some of the older siblings to attend. They'll be separated by age.

    We're planning on having some outdoor games like kickball, some kitchen activities like making pudding, art projects, learning activities, etc.

    Was wondering if others here with preschools were doing something similar and looking for more ideas to help the kids learn and grow over the summer.
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    May 30, 2011

    Are you able to do theme days and field trips?
    Do you have a space outside for water play? (sprinklers, water table, kiddie pools etc.) The older kids would probably enjoy washing a counselor/teacher's car.

    If field trips are not possible, can you arrange for special activities to come to you? I know sometimes zoos or an organization will bring animals out for children to see, or maybe the fire department would come out and show the children their clothes and their trucks, someone from a loacl museum or science/children's museum to come out and do an activity with the children etc.

    Some other fun ideas I thought of: (sorted by theme/category)
    Gardening theme:
    cooking: make vegetable soup
    Science: plant flowers outside in the yard, have the children plant seeds into cups/pots.
    Art activities: paint with vegetables! (prints), paint using brocoli as the paint brush, paint flower pots, another thing that the older students could do would be making stones using mosiac tiles etc. and the stones could be taken home to go outside in a garden.
    Snack: eat different kinds of vegetables and fruits
    Music: sing different songs involving gardening, fruits and veggies
    Story: read stories such as vegetable soup
    Extention activity/field trip: have someone come out and talk about gardening etc.

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