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    So I had an interview with a small school on Wednesday! I felt like it went really great all the interviewers were nodding and smiling and genuinely interested in my answers. I know they were doing two days of interviews, however I have not heard from them yet either way, and I sent the principal and email thank you, and didn't get a response! (I also did prior send her an email with my resume and got no resonse but still got an email) they didn't even ask about references...any suggestions?
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    1. Read all of the other threads and posts that complain about not hearing back after an interview, get a grip on the multitude of reasons it may happen, accept that if you do get a response, even a nice, but we hired someone else, you are ahead of the vast number of applicants.

    2. Realize that what seems like a long time to you is the blink of an eye to a district. It may not seem fair, but it is a factual comment. If you are going to drive yourself nuts after a couple of days beyond the interview, you are going to be very stressed, I fear.

    3. Sometimes you fit the job, which is good, but they don't want you for reasons you may never understand or even know. Job hunting is not for the faint of heart, the impatient, or the person who can't let go of a rejection. The number of applications for a single opening at a district this time of year, for the following school year, may number in the hundreds in highly desirable districts. Shoot, even less desirable districts are flooded with applications this time of year.

    4. Make sure that your resume and cover letter are polished, relevant, and professional. It is how you first make an impression when applying for a job posting. If in doubt, reach out to people who can help you in these matters.

    5. Remain as upbeat as possible, resolve to diligently apply to jobs that you are qualified for, expand your definition of what is an acceptable job location, accepting that not many of us end up in our "dream district" on our first interview. I have actually come to hate the term "dream district", since new teachers are often judging by SES of the students, richness of a district, and the fact that it may be where they went to school. In truth, just as most people's first house purchase is a small starter home, not a mansion, the same is often true in our jobs. We learn by doing, experiencing things we don't like, but learning to persevere and adapt. That experience prepares you for better jobs down the line.

    6. Be persistent, deny yourself the luxury of self-pity because the job hunt is long and/or hard, and still manage to see every interview as another shot to perfect your understanding of the process and the questions. It isn't easy, but the optimistic person will tend to interview better than the one who feels like the process is rigged against them somehow. If you think getting the job is hard, wait until you truly discover how much work is necessary to not only keep the job, but to excel in it.

    Finally, know that every employed teacher was once a job seeker. If we had all the answers, we could bottle the stuff and retire.
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    You definitely need to expect it to take longer than a couple days to hear back after an interview. I interviewed for a position almost two weeks ago, and the P told me I would not hear anything for at least a few weeks because I was the first person he interviewed, he wasn't going to interview anyone during spring break, and the next round of PARCC testing is coming up in this district.

    The waiting game is tough (trust me, I completely understand this myself) but there is really nothing you can do other than continuing to apply for other jobs and keeping a positive attitude!

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