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    Nov 4, 2002

    Our school district has a terrible shortage of substitutes, resulting in real problems in the school when several people are out on the same day. Do any of you have any suggestions my school could use to recruit subs? I suggested we pay them a "bonus" beyond what the school district pays, but was told that was not allowed.

    Thank you for any thoughts.
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    Nov 4, 2002

    When my kids were little, they had building subs-1 for each building- in addition to the regulars subs on the list. These people came to work every day, received sub pay and limited benefits.

    Though costly, this worked well. When a teacher was out, the sub took over. She already knew the kids because she was there every day. They kids treated her as a teacher and therefore there were fewer problems. The teachers got to know the sub as a colleague, and the sub learned each teacher's processes.

    When there was no teacher out, the sub worked as an aide, or in the office, or tutored kids as needed or xeroxed, etc.

    This is an expensive way to keep good subs, but it benefits the kids and the teachers. It gives the parents the message that the district cares about learning even when the teacher is out. It is also a great way to fill future teaching openings without a lot of recruiting.

    It isn't foolproof since often there is more than one teacher out. But this wasn't often the case and everything worked out fine.
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    Nov 4, 2002

    pool sub

    Every school in Broward county can hire a pool sub who attends every day to the school for a variety of assignments. Each day they arrive at the school, they are guaranteed a day of work but it could be used in ANY classroom. Sometimes they are used just for the 'staffing meetings' when a teacher is pulled out for hours. Then, there are the subs who are in assigned positions for over a certain number of days..(20ish) and then are to be paid as permanent sub. or 3100 position. As a result, schools usually ditch that sub before the cut off date to avoid having to pay more... Sucks for the sub. Subs sometimes are really awesome and you can request them by name if you have a personal day to be absent and can arrange for your first choice in sub. I rarely have said, PLEASE, dont put_____ in my room while i am out. Its sad, but it happens, and the kids walk all over that sub! Good luck.

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