Subscription boxes are fun!

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    There are so many to choose from these days. I learned about them this year when I won a year's subscription.

    There are monthly subscription boxes for just food, just beauty, beauty and food, and many other categories. It is like a gift coming to your door every month (you can sign up for 1 month, 3 months, etc).
    If you want to sign up for Popsugar Must Have (which is an assortment of beauty, sometimes food like they had Tea Forte Sampler Box, etc) You can use my link here so I can get referral credit. Just copy and paste this address and you're set to sign up...they will have my info so you don't have to use my name etc or anything.
    Popsugar (has nothing to do with pop or sugar!! :lol:)

    Refer5 (for $5 off at Popsugar, please use my link if you decide to buy!)

    I also like the Love With Food monthly box. They donate a meal to someone in need for each box purchased. It is about $10 a month or so shipped. They send really tasty gourmet snacks from new businesses.

    Please use the address here if you want to take a look and sign up too! I would get points to use. Thank you for looking! I know I enjoy a monthly box with new products to try out even if I don't plan on buying the individual products the samples are generous with most of the companies.
    Love with Food:


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