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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by heny1, Oct 31, 2020.

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    I am a preservice teacher. And have recently been placed in an AP chemistry classroom. My mentor is not comfortable letting my plan or teach in his classroom because he thinks this might impact his students' learning. But he is under his department chair's pressure to mentor me.
    I do not understand why the department chair wants me to student teach in the AP chem class. It's a rigorous course, and my mentor teacher is a perfectionist, which makes me very nervous.
    I have spoken to my provider, and they will get in touch with them.
    Is student-teaching in an AP class more beneficial than student teaching in a non-AP class as I plan to pursue a chemistry teacher profession? Because if it really does not matter, why should I stress myself in an AP chem class? My mentor isn't very supportive and isn't comfortable with me being in his class and taking over the responsibilities in a few weeks.
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    Teaching an AP class is not as beneficial as teaching a regular ed classroom. Students in AP, Honors, IB or whatever can usually teach themselves. If you really want to sharpen your skills as a teacher, lead a class with a high number of students with IEPs.

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