Student Teacher Files How Long Do I Keep?

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Aspieteacher47, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Mar 11, 2020

    Hello Colleagues,
    I need help with this question. I just transferred this year (2019-2020) to a brand new district. I came from a public school special education program which is the last step of public school before non-public school. This special education program completely phased out this year (2019-2020) due to districts taking back their most severe disabled students. Here is my problem, I gained HUGE amounts of old teacher files dating back to almost 11 years ago. These are just the teacher files that the teacher kept, not the main records. The main record files were taken out according to district rules. How long do I need to keep the current files? I heard I am only legally responsible for four years. I live in the state of California, and another special education teacher informed me that it's only 4 years required in case of being called to court. I have already more than four years of documentation in their working teacher files in my cabinet. Am I allowed to destroy the files which are more than four years old in the old teachers files they sent me from the former program I used to work with? Please let me know.
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    They are not your files so give them to your department head. If they don't want them I would ask them what to do with them.
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