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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by waterfall, Oct 27, 2013.

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    A first grade teacher asked me to help her come up with a plan for one of my students since there will be a sub in gen ed two days this week. Last time there was a sub the student cried ALL morning and wouldn't comply with any adult request. They ended up putting her in a neighboring first grade room, where she did fine for the rest of the day. However, this is for PD and all of the 1st grade teachers will be gone this time. I'm having trouble thinking of ideas. The only thing I could think of was little "check ins" but the first day is my IEP meeting day, so I'm booked all day and my para will teach my regular schedule. We don't have any breaks between groups and my para has duty during what would normally be my planning period. She'll be in my room with my para for the first 45 minutes of the day so my para can kind of help prepare her for the day ahead, but she won't have any additional time to check in. Any ideas?
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    Could the sub send the student to your para every so often with a small note? You could make cards ahead of time with simple sayings like "I'm having a great day!" or "I need some time calming down," etc that the sub could hand her. If it was a great day card, maybe she could get a sticker and go back to class until the next check in time?
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    Can you leave jobs for her to do?

    I do that with my behavior problems. I tell the child ahead of time that I am going to be out, and I end their help with a certain task. They've always stepped up for me.
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    I always have a few sped kids that can't handle it when I'm out.
    I try to
    a) warn them that I'll be out -even if it means texting/emailing parents at 6 am
    b) designate a "safe" room for them to go to - I'm taking a sick day tomorrow, and it's in my plans that one guy can go to his kinder teacher's room if he needs an escape.
    c) note alternate activities that are acceptable for that child. Last year, I had one boy who could make it through the day with a sub (usually) but would mostly read and not get his work done. I'd designate which tasks were "must do" for him, and which tasks he could skip (IE - if he does his spelling test and writer's workshop, he can spend the rest of the morning reading)
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    Have you tried a social story to prepare the student for the sub?

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