Student is fixated with trying to make me laugh

Discussion in 'First Grade' started by Tek, Dec 15, 2012.

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    One of my girls, very sweet and bless her heart, is soooo full of energy she exhausts me to the bone. She knows she's cute and she totally plays it up. Her latest fad is her obsession with making me laugh.

    She'll say silly things on purpose or act "funny" to try and see if I'd laugh. Reason why she says? "Your laugh is funny Mr. Tek!"

    She loves to ask me every week "Why are you so funny?"

    Today she said "I like it when you laugh! Mr. Tek is cute like a classroom pet." I was like WHOA. This is getting out of hand. She's the student that was trying to hug me all the time earlier in the school year, but I talked with her parents and since she's been giving me hi-5's instead. But now her newest thing is seeing me laugh.

    What do you think is the best way to handle this?

    I just want to be respected and not viewed as the funny, too nice too easy going teacher. But I want to have fun and be able to smile around them too. It's so hard with this class because when I smile or laugh they go nuts, too. And once they get going, they can't stop. I just have too many "overly active" 6 year olds.

    I've spoken to them about how we can laugh when it's appropriate, but then we need to stop because life goes on. We have a quick good laugh and life goes on.

    It doesn't seem to work with these guys, though. They laugh for days. And then their laughter would make me crack a smile (their laughter is contagious!) Then it gets crazy.

    Seriously, the other day I was so fed up at them. Most of them were doing things they should not have. I scanned them as I tried giving the LOOK, but then it was like all at once each student did "their thing" they're known for. A kid would stare at me blankly. Another would tap the desk. Another leaned back in her chair. Another passed gas. Another picked his nose. It all came at once -- their idiosyncrasies and I could not help but crack a smile into a small laugh.

    I didn't have it mentally that day. I'm usually pretty good at keeping a straight face but when they started all doing their idiosyncrasies I couldn't hold it any longer.

    I have a couple demanding students with probable ADHD + other issues. It's been a tough first year, behavior wise. I can't wait for March for their developmental spike... and then year 2 where I can apply all I've learned from year 1 first thing in August.
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    I don't really have advice about the laughing, but I just wanted to chime in and say that starting year 2 off fresh really does make a difference. This is my 2nd year teaching, and it was much easier to start the year off doing everything that I had to learn and implement along the way in my 1st year! Of course, tweaks need to be made because each class is different, but much smoother. :) Hang in there!

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