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Discussion in 'General Education' started by corunnermom, Oct 3, 2018.

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    After ten years of being out of the classroom, I'm teaching first grade again at probably one of the toughest schools in the district. I'm thankful every day that I have a job, but two of my students are wearing me out and I honestly hate coming to work everyday. I love kids and the learning process, but my attitude has become very negative. One of my students is completely defiant and has started leaving the room and the other student feeds off this behavior and is now doing the same things. Needless to say...a lot to manage. Yes, I have support and yes, both are on behavior plans. So, I'm doing my part there and am not afraid to ask for help. My remaining students are absolutely wonderful...they're respectful, respond to instruction, are ready to learn, and I honestly think they are fed up with the two students who are exhibiting this behavior! A couple of my students have grown leaps and bounds in reading so I know the other kids are learning!

    The problem is that I'm burned out. I probably average 12 hour days plus time on the weekends. So, I'm exhausted and still can't seem to catch up. I feel like I'm putting forth tons of effort for it to all go down the tubes with these two students. I know I can't do much to change their behavior since I'm doing all I can, but how do I change my ATTITUDE so that I can make it through everyday without being wiped out, negative and down in the dumps? I have to work full time as I just got divorced a few months ago and I'm so worried about keeping a job. Lots of pressure in a difficult, almost impossible situation.

    Has anyone been in my place? What did you do to get out of the muck?
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    Honestly, with the exception of those two kids--it sounds like everything is going well. My advice--ignore them, at least to the extent you can. If the one walks out, let him--document it, report it to the necessary people. Whatever the behavior plan says, do, then let it go. Use whatever supports are in place and then focus on the all the good kids. Get the parents involved, if you haven't already. Keep teaching all the rest--it's a sad fact, but not every kid belongs in a classroom.

    In terms of the workload--can you get some lessons from other teachers, or whatever you need? I'm not saying use everything from others, but utilize what other teachers have--it will save you some time and stress. Look on the internet--there's tons of stuff out there. If you have textbooks, see if there are resources provided. All this still requires time, but maybe less than recreating from scratch. At the very least, set aside at least one night a week when you will absolutely not do any schoolwork--do something fun, go out, whatever works for you. Your kids will not suffer for it.
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