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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by CiniMini, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Oct 24, 2011

    I could use some helpful suggestions. This year I have 25 students in my 2nd grade class. We are sitting on top of one another. And to top it off, I have some serious behavior issues.

    There's Miss Overactive who tattles on others and says they're bothering her yet she won't leave others alone. She constantly reads very loudly to herself--even during tests--despite frequent reminders to stop. She cannot remain seated. If there was ever a child I wanted to sneak a benadryl to, it's her.

    Then there's Mr. "It wasn't me!!" who huffs and puffs whenever he's reprimanded. Hit one of my boys at breakfast---told the principal that he "touched him with his fist." A bully all the way. One day I sent him to the office because I honestly thought he was going to hit me--he has hit his bus driver this year.

    Let's don't forget the one who likes to pick on Mr. "It wasn't me!!" He has recently moved here. Was on meds for ADHD but mom isn't very motivated to get him to a new doc. And he really needs them.

    And my newest child Mr. Temper Tantrum. The first time he had to pull his card (my current attempt at management) he let out a blood-curdling scream of "NOOOOOOOO" and started banging his head on his desk. When I told him to go sit in the hall to cool off he was rolling around kicking the wall and hitting it with his fists. This over-reaction to correction has continued and escalated so far Friday that I had to get the principal to remove him from my class because I could not teach. There doesn't appear to be anything specifically wrong with this child. His grandmother says he does it at home to get his way. Tough.

    I have one diagnosed with Autism and one undiagnosed who pick up and mimic the inappropriate behaviors of others. Then there's the usual cast of wigglers, talkers, etc that I can't get to because I'm trying to keep those first four from killing each other.

    Any suggestions on how to get this crew under control?
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    I have a couple of suggestions.

    For the girl who reads out loud - I have found it very effective to state to the class, "Let me see who can read with their eyes and not their lips. Look at those big 2nd grade readers who are using their eyes."
    Then, if the girl is still reading out loud, I would walk up to her and ask her in a whisper if she could use her eyes and not her lips. A couple of whispered reminders is usually all it takes. Children of this age often do not realize that they are reading out loud. An understanding of that makes it easier to take.

    For children who become very upset on being reprimanded - I try not to give a public reprimand if at all possible. A whispered, private request is very helpful in getting a cooperative response. I would be careful not to have these children pull a card publicly as a consequence. They already believe themselves to be "bad", and my confirmation of that in front of the whole class will only make their behavior worse.

    Yes, they need consequences. Try to make it private, and give a constant narration of what they are doing right. "Mr. Temper Tantrum is opening up his workbook to page 25. He is getting started and keeping up with me. Miss Overactive is already on the correct page, putting her name at the top." Children love to hear this about themselves. You don't have to praise them, just announce what they are doing, and watch the whole class respond to this. Do this continually.

    Try these methods and you might find that you are able to turn this crew around.
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    Give Miss Overactive a "whisper phone"--you can make one by putting 2 corners of PVC pipe together. If she whispers into it, she can hear herself read, but others can't. Give her 3 (or 5 or whatever number your decide is appropriate) chips at the start of the day. Every time she feels the need to tell you something (not just tattling--anything at all), she gives you a chip. Once she's out of chips, she can't tell you anything. Gradually decrease the number of chips she has

    Continue to ignore Mr. Temper Tantrum. Your only real options are to ignore and have him removed. Eventually he will learn that the behavior is not tolerated.

    ADHD man may need some help controlling his impulses. Can he use a squishy ball to keep his hands busy? Seat him in the back where he can stand and fidget and not block anybody's view?

    Check out the website It has many specific interventions for specific behaviors. You may find something helpful there.
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    God bless the whisper phone. For my supervisor friends aka the tattlers, I have a mailbox on my desk. They write what they feel must be shared on a piece of paper and put it in the mailbox. At the end of the day I read them, some are quite amusing.

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