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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by historygrrl, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Here's my situation. I just found out that the school where I student taught has a position open in my subject. I really really really loved this school, had a great student teaching experience this past spring and got an excellent recommendation from my cooperating teacher. The job posted today when I was at my PT job so I wasn't able to make any calls. My plan is to hand deliver the application on Monday and basically camp out until I could talk to someone. It has to go through the super's office first (not the principal). My question is: How should I word my cover letter to get across my enthusiasm for the school without being over the top or annoying? I plan on stopping by to talk with the principal as well. Suggestions on how to handle myself in the best possible way would be greatly appreciated.
    I keep reading about dream jobs - this basically would be mine. Thanks!
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    I cannot help word an entire cover letter for you, but when faced with a similar situation of applying for a job at the school I student taught at, I found that starting off thanking the superintendent for a wonderful education in becoming a teacher, well that did the trick. I got the interview, however I blew said interveiw and did not get the job.....which of course you won't do!

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