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    Hi, all. It's been a while since I posted on here, but it's nice to be back and to see all the familiar names. If this post isn't in the right place, admin, please delete it. I will understand.

    I know that many of you follow Steve Spangler on his "Teachers Who Love Science" and/or his "Everyday STEM" Facebook pages. I also know that many of you follow Kesler Science. Perhaps you know, or maybe you didn't, that Spangler and Kesler have joined forces to present even more awesome, mostly free ideas to teachers everywhere.

    Spangler's "Science in the Rockies" conference is, all prejudices aside, the best teacher conference I have ever attended. It's a little pricey, but you get over half of that back in products, not even counting the ideas. Everything in both Spangler and Kesler is connected to most state guidelines.

    If you want to attend "Science in the Rockies" this year, I can offer you my discount. I have a limited number of these, but if you plan to attend the conference and would like to use my discount, I would be honored to see you there. Just click on the link, and where it says "coupon code," type in "Jane." You'll get a hundred dollars off.

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