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    Hi everyone,

    I am in my last year of a degree in Earth Science with a minor in History and certificate in Science Communication. I want to teach science in middle or high school. If I teach in high school I’d ideally teach earth/environmental science, but I have coursework in the other core sciences, especially biology. I also would love to teach history or geography but I know those jobs are much harder to come by. I have always wanted to teach but this year I worked as a TA for first year geology and geography classes leading labs and field trips, and I loved it so much it made me even more determined to teach.

    I am wondering what my next steps should be to become a science teacher. I’d love to teach in either a public or private school and am willing to move almost anywhere. I’m a Canadian citizen with a US green card, but I have heard it’s hard to get a permanent teaching job in Canada (I also don’t like the cold!) I am currently planning to get a MSc in Earth Science (either in paleontology or environmental/climate change) and then become certified to teach after that through a one year BEd or MEd. Would that make me employable?
    Thank you all for taking the time to read this!

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