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    I hope this is the place to post this kind of question. I am the lead teacher in a children's enrichment program for a family and community resource center. I am currently running a weekly STEM program for kids ages 2-5 (wide range, I know, but group is small and it is mostly manageable with 2 teachers). My issue has to do with one of the 3 year olds in the group. He is very rambunctious and energetic. He loves to climb and run. I want to be flexible in my activities so that they accommodate all learning styles. Right now, the activities I have coming up are building activities (engineering) involving playdough, blocks, boxes and Duplos. The other kids will be fine with these activities, but I know this 3 year old will not be - I can picture him running around the room and the other kids following suit.

    My question is - what activities do you think I could do that are engineering/building-focused but would be engaging for a kid like this 3 year old?

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