Starting out as a substitute teacher to the student teachers.

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    Sounds funny right?We were students who substituted for another students.To give you a clear picture of how this happened, let me start by introducing myself as a 3rd year college student in the UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS taking up Education - BSE major in Mathematics. In our school, there is what we call Education High School which is a laboratory school. It is not an ordinary school for the teachers teaching the students in high school are fourth year graduating students. To make it short, the last year of education students in ust will be spent for their practicum at the said laboratory highschool.Simply put, the teachers there were not new graduates but senior students. We have our supervising professors so there's no need to worry. Going back to what im about to share, these fourth year students will be having their recollection.And so, there'll be no one left to teach the high school students. The only choice that the supervising professors have is to have the third year students (that's us!) to substitute for the fourth year. All of us were excited! We bought our "professional clothes" and tried our best to look as mature as we can so that the students will follow us and respect us. All of us were very nervous! But we managed to pull through. It was very fun and we'll never forget it.

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