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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Ricardo Torres, Jun 4, 2020.


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  1. Jun 4, 2020

    I just started a new YouTube channel called "TFT - Teacher for Teachers"
    The purpose of this channel is to help everybody be a bit more technologically savvy, so I was wondering if some of you can take a look at the video and tell me what you think.
    You can search my first video on YouTube with the following title
    "How to Make a Video Lesson for Distance Learning on iPad in Less Than 10 Minutes"

    Any feedback is very much appreciated and I hope to grow a bigger library of videos to help everybody.
    You might see this post in a different thread because I am trying to spread the word, as well as don't know where I should post it.
  3. MissCeliaB

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    Jul 27, 2009
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    Jun 5, 2020

    The video was okay, but duplicated content that already exists, and often in a format that's easier to follow. There are SO MANY teacher YouTube channels, to stand out you're really going to have to have something unique in terms of content or production. What is something unique that only you could talk about in education?
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  4. readingrules12

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    Jul 3, 2010
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    Jun 5, 2020

    I think your idea is a good one. In watching the video, you did some things well, but some things will need to improve if you are going to compete with what is out there.

    You do have some clear slides and images in your video. It is fairly easy to follow. It has potential.

    The areas to improve.
    1. If you really want to get lots of teachers, I think it would be a mistake to ask for a digital writing utensil. Most teachers don't have one, and probably aren't eager to get one. You now have decreased your potential audience dramatically.

    2. While it is good to not go too fast, I m concerned that it is too slow. You really need to find ways to pick up the pace and make your presentation more engaging. Remember, if teachers get bored with a Youtube video, in seconds they can find 1000s of other education videos with a quick search.

    3. As MissCecilia stated above, you need to find a way to make your YouTube channel stand out. What makes yours so special?

    I have created education videos (although not on YouTube), and I know it isn't easy to make them stand out from the crowd. If you think you can take the time to do a lot of thinking, planning, and editing to make it happen, then I hope it happens for you.
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  5. Jun 5, 2020

    Thanks for the feedback. That is a really good question and I will spend a good amount of time thinking about it.
  6. Jun 5, 2020

    1. I realized that maybe some people wouldn't know what a digital writing utensil was after i published my video and should have shown some images of things they could use to substitute an apple pencil with. I mentioned it in the video, but pictures should have been used. Any dollar stylus would work (the ones with a rubber tip and sometimes come at the end of a pen), although might not be as accurate as an apple pencil.

    2. I have gotten a lot of feedback from my students in my class that I speak too fast so it is something that I always think about when I speak. I have a lot of self-doubt about some of my own characteristics and I feel that I have to force myself to speak slowly. My natural speaking is too fast and I don't really enunciate my words that way either. I have a rather tight jaw and have trouble opening it, which might explain my natural fast speaking. You will see it when i make my next video when I show my face.

    3. I dont know. (begins to question meaning of life) just kidding, but I have to really think about the question. Starting a YouTube channel is something i always wanted to do. But it takes a lot of time and perseverance .To make that first video took several hours but I think I will get better as time goes by.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide constructive feedback. I will take it into account when i make my next video, and hopefully you can see improvements. Or if i am still making the same mistakes, or new mistakes, please let me know. I want to make a good quality channel for teachers.
  7. swansong1

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    Jun 5, 2020

    I voted no for this video because it didn't keep my interest and I didn't learn anything new.
    Right now the internet is swamped with teaching videos and the majority of them leave much to be desired with regards to actual new information that would be helpful in the classroom.

    That being said, if you want to develop a new channel, find something that exhibits more of your passion for something...a hobby, a special interest, etc and then go for it.
  8. sevenplus

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    Jun 5, 2020

    You have to both find an audience and fill a need. I would think it would come about more organically, not by advertising on message boards.

    Are you hoping to eventually become monetized or just help people?

    Do you see a need at your own school? Start there. You can still make your videos public.

    I watched your video. I'd spend less time with fancy graphics, less time talking about "I'll show you this later in the video," and less time with what your future videos will be about.

    Maybe break up the topics. If I didn't know how to make a video on my iPad, I'm not sure I'd know exactly what to do after watching your video.

    Start with basics: using the screen recorder.

    Honestly the app stuff was confusing. And where does the pen come in? Where did the worksheet come from?

    And I can tell you love that app, but what can I get with the free version? In one of their reviews on the play store it says the recording limit on the free version is just one minute. I'm not spending my money when I can get a free whiteboard app without strict limits elsewhere.

    Keep your mouse pointer still on the screen if you're just talking and not showing something. It's distracting.

    I don't mean to be negative. I appreciate the teachers who make videos so I can learn how to do something. But I don't subscribe to YT channels. I just do a search when I need to see how to do something. So just go with your passion. It will shine through.
  9. Linguist92021

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    Jun 8, 2020

    About speaking, I think it's the right speed. I used to think that it was better for me to talk slowly, because of my accent but now watching my videos from 2 years ago I sound like I was drugged up lol. It is actually said that speaking faster is better than speaking slower, people will pay attention.

    It's a 10 minute video that could have been done in 4-5. The last 2-3 minutes is just music, I would say that's definitely not needed.

    My main criticism of the content is that when you listed the items I would need, I immediately lost interest because I don't have any of those and I don't plan on getting them. So because of this you will have a lot of people click away.

    And, eventually, you will want to show your face, at least in the beginning, People like to know who's behind the camera. It's not that important right now, but if you're serious about this and want to retain more and more subscribers, it will be crucial.
  10. CaliforniaRPCV

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    Jun 8, 2020

    I make liberal use of the playback speed adjustments when viewing these kinds of videos. Commonly, I speed things up. But slowing things down is a good option for some.
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