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    I recently posted I accepted a LTS intervention specialist job at a high school. As it turns out, I'll be teaching Read 180 and Biology 'lab' as the students were supposed to do the book work the first semester. I am supposed to have a 3rd class, but thus far, administration has not determined what the class will be. In addition to the classes, I will have a daily library duty.

    The teacher whom the LTS stood in for has a civil action against him for punching a student last school year. I am replacing the LTS who was hired in August as she did not do much, if anything, with the students. For example, their Read 180 journals were fully completed, yet no computer assessments were conducted. Thus, she didn't follow protocol for Read 180. Some students who had completed journals did not even have Lexile scores, while others had pieces and parts of the Read 180 journal completed.

    As for biology, she skipped around in the book and it is very unclear from the final what exactly she covered/did not cover content wise. I took a peek at the final and it was unclear what logic was used to determine what the students should have focused on. Considering the block scheduling, I would have thought the book would have been completed, or close to it as the semester is 18 weeks and the book has 19 chapters. Although its a SPED course, the students are to follow the traditional state standards and not the extended. I did receive a copy of the standards from the gen. ed. science teacher to get an idea as to what they should know.

    The third class she taught was government, but its only a 1 semester class due to the block scheduling. The administration THINKS my 3rd class will be an inclusion.

    I am to fully start teaching January 4. Right now, I am working on the class rules/procedures. However, I am not sure where to start with the biology curriculum and Read 180. I am going in tomorrow and days throughout winter break to look at the set up of my room, and speak to administration about these issues as well. Another question to address is how 'lab' is to be handled as it would be conducted in my class that is a regular class set up without any lab equipment.

    What insight can anyone provide about this situation? I am in a daze and relying on deep breaths and wine :) Once I get things rolling, I know it'll be fine, but I am just unsure where to start.

    Further--any suggestions/tips to break up a 90 minute period that meets 5x/week. I am new to the block scheduling.
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