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Discussion in 'First Grade' started by jlj, Aug 28, 2011.

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    When do you intro your first spelling list? Our curriculum doesn't begin until the 3rd week. The previous 1st grade teacher began the 1st week using sight/high frequency & word families words.

    In Kinder, I began the 2nd quarter. I introduced the new list on Fri. (more time for parents to help) & gave test on Fri., no pre-test. We worked on them in class as well as homework such as write the words 2 times, rainbow write, word boxes, word search puzzles, etc.

    The 1st grade teacher introduced words on Mon., gave a pre-test on Wed. then test on Fri. If they received an A+ on Wed., they didn't take the test Fri. (She did start sending the list home on Fri. when I explained to her why I did it that way).

    Now I'm in 1st grade! I still plan to send the list home on Fri.
    I'm also wondering if I should do a spelling list for next week or just wait & go with the lessons? The words the previous teacher used are words this group had with me last year & they know them.

    Do you give a pre-test? I'm thinking I may not, because actually on Thursday's Language paper they have to write some (not all) of the spelling words as it is. :whistle:

    Soooo what do you do? :)
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    We have 4 "practice" spelling lists that we have. I'm just showing them the words, talking about what happens with a spelling test, etc. I have one for the first 4 weeks of school.

    Our actual tests and take home lists won't start until the 5th week. So Sept. 19th will be our first week of REAL spelling words with a test that Friday.

    However, I told my kids we were going to practice taking a test this coming Friday with our practice words so they don't panic during the real thing.

    We get our spelling words from our reading program (Reading Street), which are the high frequency words in the stories. There are approximately 7 words per story, so 7 words a week!

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