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    I need some suggestions on how to improve my spelling program for third grade. The biggest problem I have is that I teach French immersion which means I only have about one hour a day for French and one hour for English. Not only do I not have a lot of time, but I need to teach spelling in both languages! I don't want to give two spelling tests (one for each language). I plan on giving 10 french words each week that all focus on a particular sound/phonetic rule. I will also include a sentence using some of the week's words. The sentence will also be good practice for specific grammar rules that the students need to learn. In English, I do not give a spelling test. Last year I gave them 10 words each week that focused on a specific sound/rule. The students had a week to write ten good sentences, one for each word. This worked well and gave the students a chance to practice proper capitalization, punctuation and grammar, but I am looking for other ideas. How else could I include meaningful spelling work into my limited English time, without using spelling tests?

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