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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by daisycakes, Sep 1, 2015.

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    I am assigned a 50 minute prep relief for a special day class. The students in this class have moderate-severe autism. I have taught many autistic students in my regular classes and most are slightly above or below average intelligence, though their sensory issues pose different problems. This class is very different.

    Before I arrived, one student ran away. So the 2 paras (for 6 kids) were out the half the time searching for him. 1 student did not look at me or speak or participate in any way the entire time. 2 students were out of control rolling around on the floor. Another student was screaming constantly about being blind (he is not). One kid kept lifting his shirt and pulling on and touching his already-dirty feeding tube. Only one student, previously mainstreamed and in my class, participated in the lesson. I was doing a really basic version of my first grade lesson (they are in grades 1-3) and they could not really do it. They responded well to me singing songs to them, but would not sing themselves. They had extreme impulse control and were screaming, growling, hitting the entire time.

    What are some musical activities that I can do with these students? They were responsive to listening to singing, but I need them to actually participate in some kind of activity.

    1. The SPED teacher is pushing for me to teach in my classroom and not her's. What do you think?
    2. The SPED teacher is pushing for me to seat kids on the floor which I thought was terribly unsuccessful today (she put them there prior to my arrival). They were rolling around, touching others, etc. She says they have to learn. I want to just put them in chairs. What do you think?
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    How do the students behave when they are seated in the chairs? If they are more successful sitting on the floor then I would just put tape down on the floor for each student to have his/her own space to cut down/eliminate the rolling around, touching others. It might take the students time to start participating in singing along. I would continue with incorporating music into the lessons and just wait for them to be comfortable with joining in.
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    Look into things about music therapy. Lots of students with Autism attend music therapy. May see if you could get one to come into your classroom one time to show you things that would work.
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    I would try chairs, floor seems dirty to me, but that's just me. You might try looking for music that includes hand movement, clapping, pointing, etc. on google.

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