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    If you have taught a developmental English course in a high school resource setting, please let me know how you set up your curriculum for the year. I understand I am to teach this course as a whole class but I will need to do some groups for word study. (I am familiar with Words Their Way.)

    I understand some of my students can't read and some read at a 1st through 3rd gd. level. (Students range from 13 to 19.) Any suggestions on how to approach without insulting this age grp.? Any suggestions with an effective reading program?

    For the students that can read, I will be using the AGS English Grammar book and a DOL book written at a 1st-3rd gd. level. I plan on incorporating a variety of genres...low readability, high interest books. I want to use classic movies to share written and oral ideas.

    Thanks for your input!
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    I teach an integrated ESE pre-k class of three and four year olds. I'd like to offer you an idea that has been used at our (elementary) school, but perhaps you can use it as well. Older children with special needs practice reading very basic level books (pre-kindergarten-2nd grade), then volunteer to read them to small groups of our pre-k/kindergarten kids. The older children are not insulted or offeneded by the easy books since they are age appropriate for the children who they will be reading to. And our little ones (like my kids, several of whom are ESE as well) are not judgemental or critical so the older children are not afraid to try reading. Maybe you can set up a program like this with your local elementary school? It works out very well for all the children involved.

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