Special Ed or middle grades math/sci??

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    So, I have been around and around this decision and it seems I just can not settle on one.

    It's frustrating because I feel like I would have to know the future in order to make the wisest choice. I figure the next best thing to being clairvoyant would be to ask veterans, those with experience who can offer a different perspective. So here it goes...

    I am trying to decide whether to get my MAT in Sp Ed or in middle grades with a math and sci concentration.

    I never would have thought about sp ed until I worked as a para with autistic and emotional/behavioral disorder students. I really liked working with the EBD students. I felt like I could explain things to them to where they could understand. Don't mind the documentation, IEP writing, etc. either.

    What I didn't like were the collab teaching that I saw my teachers doing. I think I would find it awkward to try to help special ed students in inclusion classrooms without making the student feel singled out. I would prefer the classroom with just special ed students after experiencing both.

    I don't have a background in math or sci (undergrad in journalism), but I remember enjoying both subjects when I was in middle school. In addition, I figure those subjects are most needed and it would boost my chances of getting hired quickly.

    My indecisiveness issues stem from making sure I can get hired immediately after I graduate. Long and short of it is that I have worked in jobs since I graduated in 2007 where I never made at least $30k (before taxes!) and I am tired of it.

    Any advice on choosing between special ed and middle grades math/sci? Or any veteran (or new) teachers care to share their experiences (best and worst of their fields)?


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