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    I am in Texas. I am in ACP program applying for standard teacher certification. I finished the intern and passed the PPR exam (160). Now, I am seeking additional certificates like Special Ed (161) and ESL Supplemental (154). Please tell me how those certifications support my standard certification? Do I need to take those exams? How do those exams work? Can I apply for additional certifications if I pass those exams? Thank you.
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    ESL in Texas is a single exam, and there used to be a way to take a prep course at TAMU: https://crdlla.tamu.edu/project-obepct. Note it is reduced or tuition free.
    I know nothing about SPED in Texas. In NJ there are 21 graduate hours of instruction required, but Texas kind of does their own thing. I would suggest, as I always do, to contact your state DOE, or at least scour their website. I suspect that Texas goes with "pass the test, you're in" approach for SPED, too. I know nothing about the test, nor do I know is there is a test prep course for SPED as financially pleasing for the SPED test as the one for ESL.
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