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    I'm a bit confused. I have already passed subtest 1 and 3. I still need to take subtest 2. But... do I also need to take subtest 4 and 5? What is the difference? Can I start my teacher credentialing program with Cset subtest 1-3 without 4 and 5 or do I need to do them all?

    Also, does anyone have any good bibliography for Spanish Subtest 2?


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    You should go on the CSET website and look under CSET other than English (they group Spanish and French together. On the same website it tells you the different subsets to take for Spanish Multiple subject or Single Subject credential. The same info is on the CA teacher credentialing website, but it is a bit more confusing.

    To double check I was taking the correct CSET subtests I called the state. It takes a while to get a person on the phone and I was hung up on a few times. I waited up to 30 minutes to speak with someone but once I did it was worth it. I also made her double check with her supervisor just to make sure.

    Depending on the school you are applying for, they may let you apply with two subtests. You have to talk to an advisor before you apply to make sure because some credential programs are strict.

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    Welcome, Argentina.

    The CSET LOTE subtests differ as to whether one is taking them in order to teach the language (that is, for a single subject authorization) or to teach academic content in the language (that is, for the bilingual authorization).

    According to, to teach Spanish in high school, you need subtests I, II, and III; to teach academic content in Spanish to speakers of Spanish, you need subtests III, IV, and V.

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