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    I found the CSET Spanish subtest 1 challenging, perhaps because it is my native language, I don't consciously apply grammar rules, I am barely aware of them! (I have no problems getting top grades on papers in Spanish though, so I write well!) So, after the test today (I admit I studied very poorly beforehand), I came home to research all the missed questions, and brush up on all the basics of Spanish grammar. I found some great links I wanted to share.

    The linguistics part of the exam is in English (lots of multiple choice out of the 40 questions plus 1 of the constructed responses, which can be written in Eng or Span, your choice) The book recommended elsewhere on this Forum, Linguistics By Jean Aitchison, was indeed a great read (But I read it for the English CSET which I took last year, so I wasn't so fresh on it)

    For the Spanish grammar, verb tenses in both el modo indicativo y el modo subjunctivo had quite a bit of weight on the multiple choice plus 1 constructed response question that was entirely about a specific verb tense, how to form it, and when is it used, and the 6 conjugations in that tense (yo, tu, el/ella, nosotros, vosotros, ellos/ellas/ustedes), with varios examples plus a couple of variations given a couple of prompts. The third constructed response was also about grammar, but not about verbs, and it included some comparison between the uses in English versus the uses in Spanish for that particular grammar prompt. I'd say try to really have a good command of the basics: what are the regular verbs, the irregular, and the stem-changing verbs, note the more complex verb situations like the imperfect, the conditional, and el subjuntivo.

    Good luck!
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