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    I accepted a 1 yr leave replacement position last June for this school year. So far, so good. The teacher I replaced is almost certain to return. My question: How do I go about asking if the school would consider me for a permanent position should one be available? The principal is new to the school and I'm not sure she remembers I'm a yr replacement (not sure if the two APs remember as well).

    My thoughts were to wait until state testing was completed and then ask to meet with one of the APs (who is my grade supervisor) to talk about possible opportunities (or at least ask her how to go about talking to the principal).

    Anyone been in this situation before? I enjoy working at the school and would like to continue working there.
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    All districts are different. But from working in two different ones, if your principal/grade supervisor is nice, I would mention in private that you've enjoyed your experience and would appreciate any opportunities to interview for any future positions (or something like that) and give her a copy (or email one) of your updated resume (including this year replacement). Also sent this to the HR department. Also ask her to be a reference and ask her to write a letter of recommendation (just a general one just in case you apply to other districts). I would bring this up soon because it's that time of year district are figuring our retirements, enrollments for next year, any changes to staff, etc. I'm now seeing more jobs posted for next year.

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