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Discussion in 'Special Education Archives' started by Alexis, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Jan 17, 2003

    I am taking a class this semester, called Teaching Strategies II. The main requirement is to develop a unit plan for either science or social studies, that would be taught to a particular grade level, involving children with special needs. We are required to make an interactive bulletin board/learning center, an instructional game, 6 adapted worksheets (with specific guidelines), 10 lessons, activities, and the Problem-Solution-Effect strategy must be used in at least 3 of the lessons, and all of them must be done using direct instruction. Does anyone have any suggestions for topics that would be intersting to teach, using these specific guidelines? I would prefer something on the elementary level, particularly primary. Any hints or tips on direct instruction, learning centers, instructional games, Problem-Solution-Effect.... would be great!

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    Jan 17, 2003

    There are many good resources out here for you to use. A good unit right now is matter and energy. With the cold weather and snow it is an excellent springboard to science activities. I teach first grade and this is one of our favorite units! You may look on some of the teachers sites listed here on Atoz to find some good plans to use or email me and I would be happy to share some of what I do!
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    social studies

    I like doing the fundamental needs of man.
    You can study how we get our food, what we use as shelters or history of types of shelters. Clothing changes, Music and entertainment, transportation etc.

    Another great theme is Environmental.
    You can do the rain forest, recycling, waste and garbage reduction, decomposition, laws protecting enviro. pollution, Acid rain etc.
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    The water cycle would work well. When I did it with 3rd grade we sang a water cycle song each day, made bracelets with the colors representing parts of the water cycle, did stuff in the kitchen with steam. The funniest part was toward the end. We all were talking and drinking glasses of water. I was explaining that the water they were drinking had been around for many thousands of years. They were supposed to each say where their water came from - like, 'my water was once a glacier', or 'my water transported Columbus on his voyage to the new world,' etc. But once I got past the lesson, the kids were all grossed out and refused to drink their water!
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    Thanks so much for the advice... I needed a springboard for brainstorming... I'll let you know what I come up with.


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