Social entrepreneurship student really wants to know what issues face teachers!

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    Oct 6, 2020

    Hi all! I'm brand new here, and I hope this post goes through and doesn't break any rules.

    I'm a student currently studying Entrepreneurial Management with a focus on social ventures and b-corporations (a special class of charitable, sustainable, for-profit companies).

    For our class, we need to create a product based on the needs of a group of people that we identify. Our team has a special soft spot for teachers, as a few of our parents are teachers and we all really value childhood education. As part of this project, we want to interview as many teachers as we can and ask them what they love, don't love, and want to see in the future for their jobs!

    We're not trying to sell anything, we're just making a survey to try to understand what matters to teachers like yourselves. We won't ask for your email, make you create an account, take your info or anything like that. We'd just love to get your feedback from a quick 5-minute survey!

    Thanks so much for your time, and please feel free to comment below with any questions!

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