So what are you doing for the last six weeks?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Teachling, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I love the idea of using a DVD!!!

    I've printed the pictures, black and white, straight from Adobe. I have large 12 x 18 construction paper, & I'm chosing one "favorite" picture of each child to post on the front. I'm going to glue/tape it to the front and write, "Herman's Fantastic School Year 2008-2009"
    Then I'm going to laminate the journal cover. I'll put about 25 sheets of paper and bind the journals using my binding machine and let the kids write a sentence about each picture. I'll teach a lesson on sequencing and get them to organize their pictures before they begin.
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    We have three field trips, a field day, a half-day track meet, a kickball tournament, a school musical, a karaoke afternoon, a picnic, a kite day and the final day field trip (and only 30 days left). In between all that, we have integers to cover in math (we started today and my kids are actually very excited about it). We are doing a book report project in reading, finishing up speeches in language. We have a lot to cover in science, so I'll cover what I can. We are also going to do group projects on different European countries in social studies. Still lots to do, but I'm trying to get in lots of group work and projects, because my class gets more excited about those things. After reading all these ideas I would love to do some kind of story writing project. I also want to do something special for my kids who will be going to middle school next year...but I'm still pondering ideas.

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