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    I've been researching note taking strategies this summer, as one of the major hurdles in my classes (6-8 social studies) was taking and studying notes. I have settled on trying Sketechnoting this coming year, after reading several books and watching videos. These have been helpful in explaining the science behind the method, and some have helped make a plan for introducing it to students. However, none offer any real life experience from teachers. Has anyone tried this, and can share their thoughts?

    My school currently does guided notes/fill in the blank. I did not like this method and found it very ineffective. It also will not be available to them in high school or college. I want them learn something they can apply beyond my classroom. I quickly switched to Cornell, and that was moderately more successful. Though, I spent so much time explaining over and over to use abbreviations, and condense. They felt like they had to write every word I said and what was on the slide/board.

    For those that are familiar with Sketechnoting, this is my vision for implementing. I will have each student dedicate a notebook for this, and they will be responsible for bringing it back and forth( this alone is troublesome for a 6th grader, heh). On the first couple sessions of class, I'll introduce the method and show a short video I found that is also helpful. Then I'll pass out a cheat sheet of structure, connectors, and hints for them to keep in the notebook. I will keep the Cornell template of headings, important points/questions on the side, and write the paragraph summary on the back. We will practice together with the first unit, and I'll Sketchnote the lecture along with my slides/readings. Their running homework will be to review their notes, clarify them, edit them, and color them in. My students have access to all classroom resources online and can easily use them at home to reread and edit notes. How does this introduction sound?

    Are there other note taking methods I should consider that have been helpful in your classroom?
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    I find that my high school students will copy every single word on a powerpoint. So...I don't rely on poewrpoints for every class presentation. I find it best to just have a class discussion instead of a presentation. I will, of course write important information my students share on the board - so they can see how I take notes. Students should also be actively noting those things they find important. Every 10 minutes or so, have a very brief sharing time, so that students can compare notes.

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