Simple Ways to Support Diversity

Discussion in 'Special Subjects' started by EnviroGarden, Sep 27, 2019.

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    Sep 27, 2019

    Any one have any suggestions for simple things teachers can do to support diversity and equity in the classroom? I teach at a botanical garden (environmental education programs for all ages) and want to make sure all our students feel welcome. I noticed the other day a few little things that had come up like paying extra attention to how foreign (or ethnic, but born American) students pronounce their names, not putting name tags on strings around the kids neck (because autistic kids are sometimes bothered by the string rubbing), and referring to animals as both he and her (e.g. "the lizard is moving her tail"). If anyone else has examples of things like this that have been helpful for them, I would love to make a list for all the Garden's educators.
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    Sep 27, 2019

    Maybe you can put up small flags and labels with countries' names where the kids are from. I'm Hungarian and if I was a kid, I would feel special and valued seeing a small flag of my country, and the name of it.
    Also if you have a he world map, label the countries of student origin.
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    Showing where the animals/plants are native to. That will help kids relate to their own cultures and observe others.

    As for the animal gender thing, this may be nit-picky, but if you know the animal's gender, call it by that. Otherwise, a simple neutral "their" will suffice. No need to constantly switch up genders.

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