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Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by disneyjen0504, Feb 20, 2007.

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    Feb 20, 2007

    Teaching the word "with" to add to the word wall and just found out I will be observed (I am a student teacher). Any suggestions on how to do an impressive lesson to help the students learn and remember the sight word "with"? Any suggestions are appreciated!!!!! :)
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    Try to get your hands on Month by Month Phonics for First Grade, by Patricia Cunningham. It is one of the Four Blocks. It has a great section on learning sight words. In my class, I write the word on the board, ask them to be word detectives and find words hidden in the word, name the vowels and consonants, name rhyming words (sometimes we just make up silly rhyming words that make no sense), then we stand up and do a special cheer for the word, spelling out the word. You would of course emphasiza the 'th' and ask "what other words do you know that have the th sound?" We spend tons of time doing this kind of stuff. We actually sound very loud on our Monday mornings when I introduce sight words. **Be sure to do these kinds of things ahead of time with other words so they kinds know what in the heck you are doing. Have fun!!!!
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    I did this with a sight word I introduced with my class when I got observed it went very well.
    I had the new sight word in my morning message. I left the morning message up till the lesson. I circled the word and had the kids try and figure out what word it was.
    After we identified the word I put up magnetic letters on the board and had a child come up to form the word we were working on. The magnetic letters I have are blue (for consonants) and red (for vowels). We talked about the letter in the word was red. We discussed vowels and why they are important and sang our vowel song.
    Next what we did was we chanted out the word, clapped it out, stomped it out and so on.
    Afterwards the kids went back to their seats and at each of their seats they had a baggie with the letters in it. The had to put the letters in the right order.
    When they were finished gluing their word we went to the pocket chart and created sentences using our new word and other sight words.

    You could also write the sight word on flashcards around the room and have the children each find one. You could also wear the new sight word as well. I have done that before and it works well.

    Hope this helps.
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    The above ideas are great for playing with the words.
    I like to introduce all my sight words or word families using poems and songs. I would look for a poem or song to introduce to the class that has the word "with" several times. Write it up and read it with the class. Then introduce the word and have them find it in the poem/song. Then have them play with it and talk about th etc...

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