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    I'm not a teacher. I've a 2year 3months old daughter. I found this forum good and helps me. My daughter speaks only few words like door, car, star, eye, mummy, daddy and few other words. She doesn't even combine two words and talk. She is very shy. She doen't talk at school too. Even with her friends, she doesn't want to talk. She wants play all by herself. She has a show and tell day next week. She has to speak 3 to 4 sentences about anything. Give me some ideas how can I prepare her for the day and help her to speak infront of the class. Also, any other activities to help my daughter talk. Please some tips.....
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    That seems very young to make those kind of sentences...
    I would say let her choose something she really likes... maybe it will make her talk about it more. Maybe you can ask her questions like what is it, who gave it to her, what does she do/play with it. I would do very general questions, so maybe she can say these "answers" when she does show and tell.

    Activities... I would say just ask her questions when she is playing or eating dinner... doesn't have to be. We are having a long talk... but if she is playing with a doll ask her the doll's name, ask what the doll is doing. She get her to answer things that would be like "play."

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