Should I go for a new class?

Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by JRafko, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Oct 2, 2013

    I have found that I don't feel "whole" where I am right now. Granted, I am only a first year teachers, but I don't feel "complete". Last year, I taught an 8th grade classroom Earth Science and LOVED IT. Then I subbed long term in a 6th grade math class. I have found myself in a 10th grade biology position and something doesn't seem right.
    Lately, I have been considering to create another class, like Geology. There is Earth Science here, but I am not certified to teach it at the high school level. Geology would apply many of the concepts which I truly enjoy. Then again, I am considering transferring to a middle school next year. Yes I know it is not even to our first marking period yet, but I don't feel satisfied. I love all sciences but I feel like this isn't for me. I like teaching but my passion for Bio is not as strong as Earth science.

    Creating a new class may put an even more stress on me because it would be brand spanking new. But it would almost be the same if I transferred to a middle school because I would be new there. I just feel like I am at a cross roads.
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    I think that if the school is providing this opportunity and will give you enough students to make it work, then go for it! I'm in the process of creating a new social studies course for the 2014-2015 school year and with the tons of resources out there, it's really not as difficult as I feared. Plus, you get more control when it's your own class!
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    You're a first year teacher, a month or so into your very first year.

    it's entirely possible that, once you get a real feel for the course, you'll learn to love it. I imagine you must have some love for the material, otherwise you would have chosen to become certified in something else. Give yoursel the gift of time to see what you think.

    Creating a new class from scratch is a LOT of work, even for experienced teachers. If you want it to be cohesive, to bring in knowledge the kids have from other courses (which you haven't taught yet) and to prepare them for what's to come (more courses you haven't taught yet)-- it's a LOT of work. Making it relavent to their lives, finding the appropriate materials, pulling together the appropriate demonstrations... it really isn't easy.

    Many new teachers are already feeling overwhelmed-- would this new course make that worse?

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