Should I contact this principal????

Discussion in 'General Education' started by bewlove, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Hey everyone!!!!!!!

    I have a couple of questions. This is my first year teaching. I got a job at a good elementary school with very low turnover rates for teachers. My principal is great and I am loving my first year teaching. I have been teaching fourth grade. I have developed some great relationships with my fellow teachers and school staff. All in all, I'm very happy there. The only issue I have is location. I drive an hour in he mornings to work and an hour plus in the afternoons (depending on traffic) and when I leave. I either have to leave right when the kids leave or leave at 5:30 or later to avoid tacking on an extra 20-30 minutes to my drive home. This has been okay for this year, but I keep thinking long term as my husband and I are getting ready to want to leave our apartment and get a house. Kids are hopefully in the next 2-3 years, as well.

    After discussing it with my husband, we don't really want to move too far from our current location. Our families are both very nearby, my mother was interested in providing our childcare when we have kids since she is home, and we spend so much time with both of our families that being an hour away isn't really an option for us at this time. Plus (thinking long term here) when we have children, I would like to be near my mother so that we could have her to watch our kids during the day (which she wants to do). She doesn't live in the same city right now anyway, so to move out towards my school would put her too far away to even consider that an option. That would mean a lot of added expense for daycare costs for an infant. I know this isn't even a thing right now but I feel that it is something to consider as we think abut purchasing a home.

    Now, regardless of location to my mother, I've still thought about moving closer to my school. But in order to stay in a relatively close distance to our home city (30 minutes or less), and to not be living in an inner-city area, I'm still looking at a 40+ minute drive. It's not that people don't drive that far everyday, but do I want to continue doing that for the next five years? Ten years? Rest of my career? There are so many good schools and counties around that are right near me. Heck, I have two elementary schools on my street where I live right now in a good county. After much thought and discussion with those around me, it just seems kind of silly to move out that way and drop everything here for my job when there could be other opportunities around me. My whole life is here. And while I've thought (even planned on moving out toward my school), at the end of the day it just doesn't feel right to me. It also makes my husband's drive to work longer.

    Which got me to thinking. Last year, during my hunt for my first position, I had some contact with a middle school principal. I am K-6 and the school is 6-8. She seemed very interested in my last May and actually contacted me to touch base after I dropped off a resume. She said I seemed highly recommended and that she didn't have any sixth grade positions open at the time but would definitely let me know if anything came up. We stayed in contact for a little while, she even had me bring in some teaching related documents, but nothing opened up for me for this year. We talked while I dropped these off and she was very friendly and seemed very interested.

    One of my best friends works at this school and has told me that there will be a 6th grade English position opening for next year. I discussed it with my husband, parents, in-laws, friends, and have thought and prayed extensively about it and decided I should pursue this if it's available. I like that age group and have worked with them before and it is a subject I am familiar with teaching. It's much closer to home and I could continue living in my city. I also may not feel such a rush to get a house and we could get a better down payment built up. So this is where your opinion comes in.....

    -Should I email/contact this principal? Keep in mind she will (probably?) remember who I am.
    -Face to face or email?
    -Obviously I would want to include an updated resumes....would I include my principal as a reference? I don't necessarily want her to know that I'm looking for job somewhere else until it was more secure. What is protocol for this type of thing? I want to do everything correctly and honestly.
    -Is it too early to contact her? I probably wouldn't mention the particular job because it isn't posted, but just say that I'm still really interested in working there.
    -I am going (if she were to consider me) to spend to summer getting my K-8 endorsement to be more useful to her. Should I include that information???

    Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate all opinions and advice. I have also talked to my husband and we agree that if nothing else comes up I will keep what I have because I'm happy there, but we want to at least try.
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    I am currently asking myself some of those same questions. I am interested in possibly pursuing another job, but I don't want to go about it the wrong way if I decide to do so. I also don't want to lose the job I currently have, if nothing else pans out.

    It sounds like you have a good opportunity there with the middle school though. You could always test the waters and get in touch with her to "see if anything will be available." You wouldn't necessarily have to provide references just yet.

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