Should I change grade levels?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Lucke Juin, May 5, 2020.

  1. Lucke Juin

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    May 5, 2020

    Hi everyone!

    I currently teach 2nd grade and have for the past 6 years. I've been feeling burnt out and bored in my job. Recently, an internal posting for a 5th grade position at a different school in my district was posted. I taught special ed. with 5th graders right out of college. I'm really interested in making a switch and maybe going back to working with older kiddos and some more interesting content.


    My husband and I are planning to start trying to start a family in a couple of months, which could potentially mean I'll be starting a new grade level in a new school while I'm pregnant. It could also potentially mean that I will be leaving for a long-term maternity leave in the spring.

    Is it a bad idea to switch? Who knows what will happen with getting pregnant, but I worry about missing time from a new job for doctor appointments or just feeling plain awful and being extra stressed out because I'm learning new content, a new school, new routines, etc. I also don't want to leave a bad impression with parents/new colleagues if I leave mid-year. But the idea of teaching 2nd grade for another year is almost akin to torture right now. There's no guarantee I would even get the job, but the idea of something new is really exciting (and also scary).

    What would you do? Would you make the switch and hope for the best? Or would you tough it out another year?

    Thanks for your help and feedback!
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    May 5, 2020

    If you really dislike 2nd grade, really believe you would do better in an older grade, and there is a 5th grade opening...then personally, I would consider switching. You need to realize you will need to prepare for a big change in curriculum. That will take time. Your being pregnant and leaving, should that effect your decision? You know that better than me.

    I have taught 5th grade. I enjoyed it. If you think you would be good with a group that is a step away from middle school go for it. If not, then stay with 2nd grade. Blessings to you on your decision.
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  4. YoungTeacherGuy

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    May 5, 2020

    Based on what you have going on right now, I’d stick it out one more year. Starting a new grade-level at a new school will be stressful and you won’t want any of that to affect your pregnancy.

    That’s just my opinion, though.
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    May 5, 2020

    Just my two cents as someone who has dealt with infertility in the form of recurrent pregnancy loss (5 times in less than two years):

    Keep your professional life and your family planning separate. If changing jobs will make you happy, do it! If you end up pregnant, you, your team, and your admin will figure it out. They always do. But, if you have any trouble getting or staying pregnant, you're going to be miserable in your personal life AND miserable in your work life, all at the same time. I was in a similar situation last year (and actually this year, too, now that I think about it). Both times, I made the job decision separate from the family planning decision, because, after even one personal setback, you realize that you've gotta have something in your life to look forward to and get excited about.

    Obviously, not everyone will have the struggle I've had. But this is a life lesson I've learned that I'm open about sharing. Take it or leave it... and good luck with whatever you decide!
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    May 6, 2020

    Will you be departmentalized in 5th? I taught 5th for the first time this year after teaching 1st and 2nd for 14 years. I love being departmentalized. I only had to prepare for ELA. It was easier when a sub was needed. In many ways, you will see that they are big second graders, it was an adjustment at first, but I am switching districts and going back to 5th grade. I agree keep home and work decisions separate.
  7. May 8, 2020

    Thank you, that was the information that I was looking to obtain. Appreciated.

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