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    I'm trying to find a CAGS program (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study) in Severe & Profound SpEd that is online and that I can take while I'm teaching. I have an M.Ed. in SpEd Mild/Moderate Cross-Cat. but am having a very hard time finding a post grad program that will certify me in Severe/Profound to be highly qualified in the state of AZ. AZ only has one program at the University of Arizona in this - and it's another Masters.. but I don't want to get another Masters. Anyone know of any online cert programs out there?
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    First of all... :welcome::atoz_love:

    Does the county in which you teach have a educational service center (I've also heard it called an intermediate unit)? If your state's Department of Education doesn't have a list of schools / programs for what you want, perhaps they might. Also, perhaps the University of Arizona might be able to look at the classes you have already completed and work with you to create a certificate-only list of classes. You might have already tried talking with them and heard no, but if you haven't, it wouldn't hurt to try.
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    Ball State University has 100% online graduate certificate programs

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