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Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by Michael S., Nov 1, 2007.

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    Nov 1, 2007

    Alright, this past summer when working at a summer camp I brought in a bunch of things thats the kids could either smell or touch and try to guess what it was. It worked out pretty well and took up a lot of time. When I did it I gave each itema difficulty because the children varied in age from 5-12. Now I am working at an afterschool program and I think I might suggest this to a group leader (I am only an assistant group leader and just got the job about a month ago). I am trying to show them that I can think of organzied games because it is better to keep the kids under control with planned activites.

    I was thinking about maybe making a game board out they can draw cards for which item they get to smell or touch and then they get to like roll a dice. However I don't know if this would be too hard with a group of say about 10-12 kids or so.

    Do you have any ideas/games that you have played? I was thinking about doing taste but its 4-6 year olds and dont wanna test food allergies. I might do sound now though, I'm not sure.

    I just thought that I could probably use a deck of cards and have each suit symbolize a certain sense or maybe have red be smell and black be touch.

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    Let me make sure I have this right--you are looking for a game that centers on the senses?

    I just filed my 5 Senses activity list yesterday, actaully. One thing you can do it an "art" activity in which you place an object in a sock. Students feel of the object through the sock--but may not peek--and based only on sound (if it makes one) and touch, draw what they think that object is. Afterward, they can take it out of the sock and look. For older kids, have them draw the object as they touch it--without their eyes open. This way they are forced to use senses other than sight. They love this--especially seeing the results when they open their eyes!

    You could also make a "feely" box. Take a box, cut a hole large enough for a hand/arm to fit in, and cover the whole with a lose piece of fabric. Place an object in the box. Students reach their hand/arm through the hole and try to determine what it is based on how it feels. You can so something similar for sound by placing small objects in film cansiters. Number the cansiters and have a chart in which students place their guesses for each cansiter. For younger students, have a list of choices either in pictoral or word form. Older ones don't need this.

    If you want more, IM me. Hope this helps some!

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