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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by allaragallagher, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Hi all:

    I'm teaching an elective called Senior Seminar this year. Last year it was not an elective (just a group) but this year it is worth 1 credit. The principal said I would have help from the guidance counselor and that she would supply the curriculum. She doesn't help and I never saw any curriculum. We're three weeks in and I've been doing things like working on scholarships, working on filling out the Common Application, starting our Common Application essays, and now researching colleges and majors.

    I'm wondering where I can find resources for this elective. I've printed out a few scholarships I've found, but I'm not sure where to look really. I'd like to be able to post scholarships to a wall in my classroom. Does anyone teach something similar?
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    Aug 30, 2015

    Maybe you can cover employment info. fill out applications, search for jobs, correctly identify what the job requirements are, and what they come with, interview questions, practice interviews, etc. You can spend a lot of time on these. I know in most high schools they have to have a portfolio, and do mock interviews, but this can be a nice addition, as I don't think one preparation for 1 mock interview is enough.

    You can also cover information on what it means to turn 18. There is a lot of information out there online (turning 18 means being treated as an adult in court, no longer a minor, able to vote, able to sign contract and being responsible for them, etc)

    You can also cover finding and renting apartments, finding roommates, etc.
    Basically cover information that show life after high school, in the real world.
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    If you have complete freedom, maybe consider reviewing things that students will need to know as adults:

    - voting
    - health insurance
    - contracts
    - rights at age 18
    - avoiding procrastination
    - making decisions
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    I agree with the suggestions above. I also would add some financial literacy aspects:
    - taxes (what are they, how to fill them out, tools to use, show them W-2s and tax forms, etc)
    - loans (different types of loans, what an interest rate means, typical rates for different loans, fill out a loan application)
    - cars (buy vs lease, new vs used, extended warranty/service plans)
    - bank accounts (bank vs credit union, credit card vs ATM card, how to write a check, different perks of credit cards, major pitfalls of credit cards)
    - how to budget expenses
    - insurance (how to pick a good plan, what is a deductible and how much do I want, why do I need health insurance, etc)

    Piggybacking on the job idea, I would also go over characteristics of a good employee and how to behave in the workplace. You can role play lots of scenarios there to teach them how to keep a job once they get it.

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