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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Bored of Ed, Sep 30, 2015.

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    (hi everyone! It's been a while!)

    I'm looking forward to starting to use the Zones of Regulation curriculum with a group that has a hard time with emotional regulation. It is supposed to be a very solid program. The problem is I HATE the graphics that come with it. I was looking forward to being able to just print off all the materials for each lesson straight from the included CD, but now that it's time to do that I just can't bring myself to it. A lot of the pictures, in my humble opinion, don't match the emotions they supposedly show, and some are downright scary. Maybe it's just me, if this is supposedly made by experts in teaching emotion? But anyway I'm looking for some friendlier, preferably free, realistic but simplified emotion graphics to use with the program. I don't have boardmaker or anything like that to use.

    It needs to go beyond the basic happy/sad - here are some examples of what's in their images:
    Blue zone: hurt, sad, tired, bored, exhausted
    Green zone: proud, calm, thankful (I don't even know what a thankful face would look like, besides generally pleased. Frankly most of the faces on this page look pretty similar to me, except that "focused" looks more like angry, and content has oddly blackened eyes?)
    Yellow zone has OK pictures but I'd like all to be the same type of illustrations so I guess I need new ones for all. Yellow: Excited, nervous, silly, annoyed, overwhelmed, jealous, uncomfortable
    Red zone: mean, mad, out of control

    Going to hit google myself now, but wanted to know first if anyone has a favorite resource to share that could help with this.

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