Seeking advice. Job hunting with spec. ed. intern credential- switch emphasis?

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Kippers, Mar 18, 2008.

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    I'm one of those desperate wanna-be teachers in California facing districts laying off teachers instead of hiring them. This was a career change for me- I wanted the security of a job like teaching spec. ed.- so much for that!

    I have an intern credential in mild to moderate but I still have the option of switching to moderate to severe. Two districts told me they would have hired me immediately for work now if I was mod./severe.

    I'm concerned about the degrees of disabilities I might be facing as well as the physical challenges and medical challenges. I'm equally concerned about the effects of chronic unemployment, too, though. My current plan is to take the CSET in English to make me NCLB compliant in English as well as the multiple subjects for elementary- that way I could be hired in two shortage areas at the secondary level.

    Would it be smarter to just switch to moderate to severe?

    All of my experience, as a volunteer, as an observer and as a parent of a child with special needs, has been in the mild to moderate setting. I have four more quarters to complete the credential program, so it's early enough to change emphasis.

    Sorry to ramble. I'm grateful for insights.

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    I'm still in a level I mild/moderate credential program myself, so I'm not an expert, but I'll give my opinion. One of my professors, who teaches both mild/moderate and moderate/severe classes joked about this issue in jobs with me, but I thought his point and your point are valid. The districts are facing tighter budgets this coming year. That is up to you if you think you can move into moderate/severe. I prefer mild/moderate myself, at least for now. I have a lot more experience in mild/moderate and I would hate to work in a moderate/severe classroom where I would not know what to expect and I would not be able to help the students to the best of my ability. You should start volunteering and visiting moderate/severe classes as soon as possible and as much as possible, in my opinion, so you'll get a better idea of how it would really be as compared to mild/moderate.

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