Scientific Method

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    Does anyone have any fun ideas for exploring the different steps of the scientific method?
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    Have students look up the words Science and scientist in the dictionary and suggest how the word scientist relates to the word artist.
    The word science comes from the latin word sciare, which means to know. Scientist is a person learned in science like an artist is a person skilled in art.

    Tape two pencils together. Hold the pencils at the same height as high as you can. Drop them together and observe what happens as they fall. (Gravity accelerates objects)

    Have students propose scientific laws. These do not have to be accepted laws, but can be any general statement.
    Possible response: On the second Tuesday of each month there is a science test.
    Next have them provide theories to explain why the law holds.
    Possible response: There's a science test on the second Tuesday of each month, because the teacher plans it that way.
    Accept mulitple explanations and have the class decide which makes the most sense.

    You can also have the students act out a play in which a group of scientists purposes a scientific law. Be sure the play includes the scientists making detailed observations to determine the exact nature of the regularity they are seeing.

    Ask the students to name the different systems in a baseball game and classify them as structures, processes, or cycles.
    Example: The bat, ball, bases, and field are structures, the rules are different strategies of play are processes, and the batting lineup, the nine innings, and each teams turn at bat are cycles.

    OOps I think I have said enough i hope this helps :)

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