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    First things first: there are no politics in this documentary.


    I've owned this documentary for several years and watch it every few months just to see what capable of:

    Trinity And Beyond (The Atomic Bomb Movie)

    Basically all it is is footage of atomic bomb tests, but what makes it so memorable (unfortunately) is the clarity of that footage. In other words, what you see is not the fuzzy/grainy/washed out images we're used to i.e. "stock footage" that helps to obscure how incredibly powerful and destructive these things are.* The producer carefully restored the footage or went and found the original negatives of many of those well-known clips we've all seen, but also included a lot more that were released publicly for the first time just for this documentary. For example I had never seen the ones of the bombs detonated in space (those explosions look nothing like the ones done on the ground) or of the atomic cannon.

    Through about the first half of the program, I and most of the people over the past few years that have watched it with me were amazed in a "Wow, look at THAT!" kind of way at what those explosions looked like and what they could do, but by the end of the show all of us were rather depressed and two people have actually left the room in the middle of it. The images are that powerful.

    Again, I couldn't detect any politics in this show, just an objective narration of the footage's content by William Shatner (who btw does a very professional job & surprisingly, with no theatrics). A big thumbs up for this show but that's not exactly done in a happy way.

    * the powerful music soundtrack helps with this, most of it recorded by a Russian symphony orchestra. And for those with home theater systems, the 5.1 channel surround track on the dvd helps increase the you-are-there feeling, which includes some intense low bass effects for your subwoofer (there's even a warning on the cover about this) and dramatic directional effects.

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