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Discussion in 'General Education Archives' started by teachmemath, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Hello my fellow teachers. I go for orientation next week for 3 days. 2 of those days are at the school i will be teaching at, and the other will be given by the district at another location. My question is what usually goes on during the orientation? For those that been through it already I just want to know how its set up? What should I bring with me? Do i need lessons already written up? Need advice

    Thanks in advance :love:
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    Well, I'm in elementary and all of my orientation was at the district level, but I'll try to remember:
    -meet district administration (treasurer, curriculum, etc)
    -fill out insurance paperwork, etc
    -review district policy on evaluations
    -brief talk by union rep
    -info on blood borne pathogens
    -info on social services and reporting requirements
    -technology brief

    I took a copy of the contract, water, and a notebook to write in. I wouldn't expect you to need lesson plans.
    Good luck!
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    Aug 11, 2005

    We got breakfast, welcome speeches by the mayor, superintendent, and principals of all the schools in our district, and some school committee people. then there was a talk by the union president, someone from the credit union, we got a bus tour of the city (i found helpful b/c i was not from my city). The second day was inservices from someone in the district who was specifically in charge of the new teachers--she did workshops for us once a month all year--she talked about set-up, management, district resources, etc. I found the most valuable part of orientation was I met the other new teachers in my building, so when school started, I had some familiar faces!

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